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Women and Economic Power in Lebanon: The legal framework and challenges to women's economic empowerment 2010

This paper seeks to explain why women remain marginal in the Lebanese economy. It conducts a thorough review of literature to shed light on the economic, social and legal context to identify... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Training & Capacity Building, Economic Development, Gender
Transnational Activism in Lebanon's Women's Movement: Between FITNA, FAWDA, and Feminism 2013

This thesis investigates transnational campaigns from the international and state level to consider the existence of transnational activism in Lebanon’s women’s movement. Lebanon’s women’s... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Social & Cultural Development, Civil Society Development, Gender
Towards Formality: Promoting the Rights of Women and Men Workers in Arab Countries 2009

This paper applies a gender equality and workers’ rights perspective to the study of informal employment in the Arab region. It highlights key outcomes of a joint regional initiative of the... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Quality of Life, Economic Development, Gender
Working Paper 13000: Total Work, Gender and Social Norms 2007

Using time-diary data from 25 countries, the authors demonstrate that there is a negative relationship between real GDP per capita and the female-male difference in total work time per day -- the... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Livelihoods & Labour Rights, Family Issues, Gender
Social Protection for Women Workers in the Informal Economy 2006

This article examines various approaches to the development of social protection schemes for informal women workers and issues facing this process. Sections in the article include 1) Introduction... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Legal Issues, Gender, Human Rights & Protection
Rural women producers and cooperatives in conflicts settings in the Arab States 2009

Ongoing violent conflicts accentuate the challenges that women and men face in the rural areas of Iraq, Lebanon, and the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The potential of cooperatives for sharing risk,... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Gender, Agriculture & Rural Development
Preventing and responding to gender-based violence in middle and low-income countries: a multi-sectoral literature review and analysis 2004

This paper reviews what is known about more and less effective—or at least promising—approaches to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. Within sectors of justice, health, education, and... [read more]

Policy Interventions, Domestic & Personal Violence, Gender
Non-Discrimination and Reinforcement of Women Peace and Security Agenda in the MENA Region 2012

ABAAD-Resource Center for Gender Equality, in partnership with Women's League for International Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and in collaboration with the United Nations Interim Forces (UNFIL) in... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Safety & Security, Anti-Discrimination, Gender
Learning from experience: A gendered approach for workers in the informal economy 2000

To help expand the focus of the social protection debate to include the informal sector, particularly women workers, the ILO global programme STEP, "Strategies and Tools against Social Exclusion... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Anti-Discrimination, Livelihoods & Labour Rights, Gender
Has Gender Mainstreaming Failed? A Comment on International Development Agency Experiences in the South 2005

This article addresses the public policy concept of gender mainstreaming and the extent of its efficacy since the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action (PfA) and the UN's adoption thereof in 1997. In... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Policy Interventions, Gender