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The Open Library Project is an online resource library with readily available reference books, reports, studies, guides and tools, and fact sheets relevant to civil society and civil society organisations’ work in Lebanon.

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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Research Compiled on Lebanese Health Services 2010

Information on the health service in Lebanon including availability of access and availability of drugs and treatment. Information on treatment of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression... [read more]

Health, Mental Health & Psychosocial
Internal Governance for NGOs in Lebanon 2004

This reference book has been prepared within the framework of the NGO Resource and Support Unit, The Unit was established in 2003 and is currently working to build the capacity of NGOs by... [read more]

Civil Society Resources Civil Society Development
Assessment of capacity building needs of NGOs in Lebanon 2009

The “NGO Capacity Building Needs Assessment” on which this document reports, was executed by the NGO Resource and Support Unit, which acts within the Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction... [read more]

Civil Society Resources Civil Society Development