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The Research & Analysis section features articles and papers commissioned and published by Lebanon Support.

Politics of Care and Social Responses in the July 2006 War: a Special Focus on Local Faith-Based Organisations*
By: Estella Carpi | August, 2016

This paper examines the politics of care of international and local humanitarian actors, as well as the social responses to their intervention in the southern suburbs of Beirut (Dahiye) during the Israeli shelling in the summer of 2006. Through in-depth interviews and ethnographic participant...

De la pérennisation d'un statut précaire à la lutte pour la titularisation : un regard rétrospectif sur la mobilisation des journaliers de l'Électricité du Liban (EDL).
By: Louis Mandarino | June, 2016

Entre 2012 et 2015, les travailleurs journaliers de l’Électricité du Liban (EDL) entament ce qui sera considéré comme la plus longue mobilisation de l’histoire moderne du Liban. Leur mouvement éclate lorsque l’EDL annonce l’externalisation du secteur de la distribution à trois soumissionnaires...

The Peaceful Settlement of Syrian Refugees in the Eastern suburbs of Beirut: Understanding the causes of social stability
By: Marianne Madoré | March, 2016

This article focuses on the densely populated municipality of Bourj Hammoud, where the proportion of registered Syrian refugees has reached a fifth of the local population without leading to any major violent episodes. Based on extensive ethnographic study, this article reveals how, combined,...

الجيش والمجتمع: شرعية الجيش اللبناني في دولة ومجتمع الطوائف
By: Marie Kortam | August, 2016
يحلِّل هذا المقال تمثّلات المدنيين في طرابلس عن الجيش اللبناني وفق ثلاث مراحل نعتبرها مفصليةً في تطور العلاقة بين الجيش والمدنيين. كانت هذه العلاقة المدنية ـ العسكرية مبنيةً في المرحلة الأولى على القطيعة والاصطدام الطائفي اليومي وانعدام الثقة في الجيش. أما المرحلة الثانية، فتتمثّل بالتواصل الحذر ومدّ الجسور بين الجيش والمدنيين بهدف استعادة السلم الأهلي والاجتماعي، وكسب الثقة المتبادلة. أخيرًا،...
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France and Eastern Christians: beneath a controversial mobilisation
By: Camille Lons | June, 2016

This paper explores the relationship between France and Eastern Christians while analysing how the rise of the Islamic State in 2014 has prompted French mobilisation in favor of Christian communities within the areas. Viewing Christians communities as the roots of their culture, French politicians and civil society organisations have come to the rescue of Eastern Christians. Despite this, the...

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Lebanese, refugee and migrant women in Lebanon: from sociopolitical marginality to turnaround strategies (En-Ar-Fr) (this cfp is now closed)
Glocalizing humanitarian interventions in Lebanon: a reflexive look into innovative practices in times of crises (En-Ar-Fr) (this cfp is now closed)